ONS Health Index beta

Date: Thursday 11 February 2021, 12.00PM
Location: Online webinar (MS Teams)
Section Group Meeting

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The webinar will provide an opportunity for:
  • Members of the audience to understand more about the Health Index’s structure, methodology and uses
  • People producing health analysis to discuss the value and applications of the Health Index to them
  • People using the results of health analysis to pose questions and make comments
The intended audience is people whose work involves producing or using health analysis, and analysis of topics with an indirect impact on health.

The slides of this event are available HERE
In December 2020, the ONS published a beta version of the Health Index: a new statistic measuring a broad definition of health, and how health differs both over time and between geographical areas. The Health Index aims to fulfil the previous Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies’, wish for a composite index to track health and healthiness over time, and reflect the multi-faceted determinants of the population’s health.
The Health Index presents a single headline measure of health overall, but can be disaggregated into separate domains, allowing trends in particular aspects of health to be observed and compared. The ONS has launched a public consultation alongside the publication of this beta version of the Health Index, to ensure this measure can suit the needs of users from a variety of backgrounds.

In this webinar, Greg Ceely and Myer Glickman will explain how the Health Index was developed; what it adds to the health data landscape; the provisional findings from this first version; and some of the possible ways in which the Index could be used and developed further in future.
  • ONS (Office for National Statistics) – Greg Ceely
  • ONS (Office for National Statistics) – Myer Glickman
Organised by RSS Official Statistics Section
Contact: Alison Macfarlane