Covid-19 Webinar Series: Vaccinations and update on Test, Trace and Protect

Date: Thursday 15 April 2021, 12.00PM - 1.30PM
Location: Online
Online - joining instructions will be sent to those registered
Section Group Meeting
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This is the fourth in a series of webinars organised jointly by the Health Statistics User Group (HSUG) and the RSS Official Statistics Section.

This webinar series focuses on statistical methods for Covid-19 and involves sharing experiences and discussing approaches across the four nations of the UK. Sessions in 2020 covered mortality statistics and modelling for Covid-19, and on 28 January 2021 a webinar was held on Test, Trace and Protect.

The webinar being held in April 2021 will be in two parts. Speakers at the webinar on 28 January emphasised that because of the speed with which everything is moving, the information they presented will date quite quickly and they offered to do a follow-up a couple of months after the webinar. The first part of the webinar being held in April will provide an opportunity for them to do this.

The second part of the webinar will give an overview of statistics published so far on vaccinations, and discuss plans for further development of these statistics

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The current webinar series is focused on health and care statistics relating to Covid-19. These meetings are planned to give an overview of recent developments in the availability and access to health and care statistics in the UK, in relation to Covid-19. The webinars include presentations on work in England, Scotland and Wales (and N Ireland, when possible), with opportunity for feedback and discussion.

The purpose of the meetings is to improve awareness of what is being produced and also, through the discussions, to improve coherence, accessibility and understanding of the statistics being produced.
The focus is on how the statistics are produced (including by whom, to what timescale, within what constraints etc), and sharing experiences and discussing approaches, rather than on reporting results.


The intended audience is people whose work involves producing and/or using data/statistics/information relating to Covid-19. The webinars are not generally intended for the general public. However, many of the people in the audience will be involved in making information available to the general public and so the webinars will indirectly help the public.


All presentations will be posted on the RSS and HSUG web sites immediately after the webinar, and a report of the webinar, including the Q&A session, will be posted a week or so after the webinar.

Participants who did not attend the webinar on 28th January should review the presentations and reports that have been posted on the RSS and HSUG websites before attending the April webinar, since speakers will be providing an update, focusing on recent developments rather than providing a full overview. To access the HSUG website see

Participants will be muted throughout the webinar. Questions for the speakers and comments can be submitted by e-mail in advance to the webinar e-mail address or via chat during the webinar

Speakers will give an immediate response to questions in the final session, and also via chat during the webinar. Speakers will also be given an opportunity for more detailed response in writing after the webinar, and these responses will be included in the meeting report

The webinar will be recorded and will be available on the RSS YouTube channel for a limited time after the webinar (probably 2 weeks)

Update on Test, Trace and Protect
There will be a shared update on Test, Trace and Protect in the UK from the 4 Nations Group

Update on ONS Covid 19 Infection Survey – Russell Black

Introduction to Vaccination Statistics for Scotland - Diane Stockton (Public Health Scotland) and Chris Robertson (University of Strathclyde)
The presentation will cover uptake and vaccine failure, as well as vaccine effect estimates and the different statistical models used for this work, illustrated with data from Public Health Scotland and the EAVE study

Introduction to Vaccination Statistics for England – speakers from PHE (Public Health England), DHSC (Department for Health and Social Care) and ONS (Office for National Statistics. Vahe Nafilyan (ONS) will provide an update on Vaccinations by socio-demographic factors (England). Other speakers to be confirmed.

Introduction to Vaccination Statistics for Wales - Speaker to be confirmed
Organised by Richard Willmer for the Health Statistics User Group (HSUG) and the RSS Official Statistics Section 
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