What's in a name: Statistics vs Data Science

Date: Tuesday 01 December 2020, 2.00PM
Local Group Meeting

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In a world of buzzwords and jargon, working out what job adverts are actually telling you can be tricky. This session will look at the differences between a position as a statistician and a position as a data scientist. We welcome Robin Huggins from MBN solutions and Vinny Davies of the University of Glasgow who will each elaborate on the key differences between the two roles from their own experience.

This event will be briefly preceded by the RSS Glasgow Local Group AGM.

This session will be delivered via Zoom. Joining instructions will be sent to registered attendees one day prior to the event.
This event will be briefly preceded by the RSS Glasgow local group AGM.
In the modern world of buzzwords and jargon, it is hard to read a job advert and understand the work that you will be required to do. In this session, we will try to explain the differences between statistics, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our two speakers will help you to navigate these seemingly small differences.
Dr Vinny Davies will give a presentation titled “Spot the Difference: Statistics, Data Science, Machine Learning, AI”
In recent years, the field of influence of Statistics has been affected by the popularisation of more trendy subject areas such Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. While many of the methods used have striking similarities, industry and funders often neglect Statistics, prioritising the latest trends and buzzwords. In this talk, I will discuss the differences and similarities of these subject areas and look at how Statistics can stay relevant in the modern world where buzzwords rule.
Rob Huggins will give a presentation titled “So you want a job in data?”
Finding the right job for you when entering the Data sector can be a confusing process. With many organisations calling similar roles a number of different titles, and many more not being exactly clear on what they are looking for or what the role actually involves - it helps to have some guidance on this topic. This presentation seeks to lay our clearly the main differences between most of the most commonly seen Data job roles in the market today.
Rob Huggins:
As Director of Academy & Client Services at MBN Solutions, Rob has spent his career at the sharp end of Talent Acquisition practice for the Data & Technology sectors. Working as Delivery Partner for The Data Lab's MSc. Placement Programme, Rob designed and deployed the highly successful Employability framework that has seen over 300 aspirant Data practitioners placed into Scottish organisations over the last 4 years. In addition to sitting on The University of Glasgow's School of Maths & Stats Industrial Advisory Board, acting as Talent Lead for DMA Scotland and contributing to Scotland’s AI Strategy as a member of the Skills & Working Group, Rob has been recognised by Data IQ as one of their 100 most influential Data and Analytics practitioners in UK organisations for two years running.

Vinny Davies:
Dr Vinny Davies is a Research Associate in the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow. He previously completed his Ph.D. in Statistics at the University of Glasgow, before short postdocs in statistics at the University of Glasgow and the University of Leeds.
Kate Pyper for the RSS Glasgow Local Group