Statistics and Sport

Date: Tuesday 08 December 2020, 2.00PM - 4.00PM
Location: Online
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Section Group Meeting
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There will be two presentations listed below - each approximately 30-40 minutes long with the opportunity for questions.

1. Statistics and the Science of Sport Performance, Professor Beverley Hale (University of Chichester).

2. Effect of football boot upper padding on shooting accuracy and velocity performance - balancing out human error, Dr. Katrine Kryger (St Mary’s University). 

One of the primary foci of sports science is to investigate sports performance and endeavour to find ways to push the limits of current performance. This has been accomplished in the past through better understanding of athlete recovery post-exercise, changes to clothing, advances in equipment and attention to acclimatisation and many other elements of performance. The aim of the first talk is to provide an overview of the statistical methods used to further sports performance research and to consider whether the statistics fit the purpose.

Football boots are marketed with a specific performance feature focus, for example, power boots are marketed for optimal shooting performance. However, little evidence exists on the impact of boot design on shooting performance. Our second talk will focus on a study for accessing effect of football boot upper padding on shooting accuracy and velocity performance.

1. Beverley Hale is Professor, Learning and Teaching at the University of Chichester. She has successfully combined academic expertise as a statistician and her interest in sport and physical activity and has worked as a statistician in the Institute of Sport for over twenty years.

2.  Katrine Okholm Kryger a lecturer in Sports Rehabilitation at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, an honorary lecturer in Sports and Exercise Medicine at QMUL and an external lecturer in Football Science at University of Southern Denmark. She has a big interest in football related research and has recently joined a FIFA expert panel aiming to steer women’s football research.

Diwei Zhou for the RSS East Midlands local group.
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