RSS Merseyside Local Group: Florence Nightingale Event

Date: Wednesday 01 July 2020, 3.00PM
Location: Online
Section Group Meeting

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We are pleased to announce that jointly with the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Liverpool, our event commemorating the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth will now take place as a digital event. Through a series of livestreamed talks, we welcome three speakers to discuss Florence Nightingale's pioneering influence within statistical research, her connections to Liverpool, and her legacy for women in STEM.

15.05-16.00 Dr Noel-Ann Bradshaw (London Metropolitan University): “Florence Nightingale: how she used data and statistics to inform decision making and save lives.”
This talk will show how Nightingale's knowledge of mathematics, coupled with her desire to improve conditions for the poor and sick, provided much of the motivation for her statistical work.  Using examples from her writings, and referring to her work in Liverpool, I will explain how she used data and statistics to inform government and other senior officials of the day.  Her work resulted in new guidelines on the collection of hospital statistics as well as improved army barracks and hospitals. These, in turn, played a major role in improving the health of the armed forces and gaining Nightingale recognition as a statistician.

16.00-16.40 Helen Marshall (University of Liverpool): "District Nursing – Florence, Liverpool and where it all began"
Florence Nightingale was a pioneer in the field of Nursing and is internationally renowned for her work in this field and her tireless efforts to support those in need.  She was instrumental in changing society’s view of a nurse and obtaining the respect the title now has. She had a significant impact on Liverpool due to her advice and support with regards to the introduction of a District Nursing service in 1859.  This gave the deprived population of Liverpool the opportunity to receive nursing care at home.  This has now developed into the dynamic and outstanding service which is provided to patients today.

16.40-17.20 Dr Rhian Davies (Jumping Rivers): “Data Viz for better”
It is sometimes said that Florence Nightingale was the first person to present data in a visual form. This is not true, however, she may have been the first person to use data visualisation to persuade people of the need for change. In this talk, I will show Florence's original diagrams and discuss how she used them to argue a case for better hospital management. I'll also showcase the Florences of the future, highlighting women who are using data visualisation to bring change in today's world.
Dr Noel-Ann Bradshaw -  London Metropolitan University
‘Florence Nightingale: how she used data and statistics to inform decision making and save lives’

Helen Marshall -  University of Liverpool
‘District Nursing – Florence, Liverpool and where it all began’

Dr Rhian Davies - Jumping Rivers
‘Data Viz for better’