A journey through the disorderly world of diagnostic and prognostic models for covid-19 (update 3)

Date: Friday 04 December 2020, 3.00PM - 4.15PM
Local Group Meeting
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In this event, we will hear from Laure Wynants (Maastricht University) and Jamie Sergeant (University of Manchester) about their work on a living systematic review of diagnostic and prognostic models for covid-19. It has been dubbed “the fastest systematic review ever”.
This session will also include the Annual General Meeting for the Manchester local group (4pm - 4.15pm). We will report on the year's activities and elect members of the committee for the coming year.
Diagnostic and prognostic models could provide an evidence-based approach for efficient triage of suspected or infected patients. However, since the covid-19 outbreak, over 200 models have been proposed, and the number keeps growing. We performed a rigorous systematic review and standardized risk of bias assessment of published and pre-print papers proposing prediction models for covid-19. It has been dubbed "the fastest systematic review ever", and has transformed into a "living" review, with 3 updates published since the original publication.
In this talk, we will describe the study setup and results. We review the spectrum of available models, ranging from simple scoring systems to AI based on medical imaging, and pinpoint important issues with the study design and analysis that hamper their reliability. In addition, we will discuss how this project was initiated and how local Manchester researchers contributed.
Laure Wynants is an Assistant Professor at Maastricht University
Jamie Sergeant is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester
Antonia Marsden for RSS Manchester Local Group
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