Covid evidence sessions

In response to the two public inquiries examining governments’ preparedness and responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, the RSS organised a series of events for members and other statisticians to discuss various aspects of the topic.

The aim of the sessions was to highlight important statistical and data issues that the public inquiries should look into, representing the breadth of opinion among statisticians.

Each of the four events, which take place online and in person, examine a different aspect of the pandemic, as follows:

  • Communication during the pandemic: Data, statistical analyses and modelling, 5 April
    Organising panel of David Spiegelhalter, Tom Chivers and Jen Rogers
  • Governments’ statistical resources, 3 May
    Organising panel of Simon Briscoe and Gavin Freeguard
  • Evidence and policy, 21 June
    Organising panel of Sylvia Richardson, Dani De Angelis and John Aston
  • Evaluation, 12 July
    Organising panel of Sheila Bird, Christl Donnelly and Max Parmar 
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Watch the first session, Communication during the pandemic

Communication during the pandemic event report (PDF)

Watch the second session, Statistical resources


Statistical resourses event report (PDF)

Watch the third session,  Evidence and policy-making

Evidence and policy making event report (PDF)


Watch the fourth session,  Evaluation

Evaluation event report (PDF)