Out now: Significance March 2024

The March issue of RSS magazine Significance is out now and available online. Including the first article in a series dedicated to the R number, this season's offering also boasts enlightening pieces on American football, statistical mistakes in academia and customer loyalty in the Victorian period.

March issue highlights:

The R number - part 1                                                
The first in a six-part series by Gavin Freeguard on the evolution and usefulness of the pandemic’s famous epidemiological tool

Slapdash stats                                               
Unearthing statistics-related blunders in academic papers and what they mean  for science publishing
American football                                        
When should a coach throw the red challenge flag?

Data and getting dressed – part 2                         
Jordi Prats’ examination of the stats behind clothing sizes concludes. This issue: ready-to-wear and uniforms

Victorian data mining                                                
The story of an eighteenth-century customer loyalty programme and the unique data it produced

Bazball: is it for real?
Analysing the stats behind the England men’s team’s new cricketing style

Access the digital version of Significance through your membership portal or find out more online at www.significancemagazine.com.

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