Out now: May issue of Significance

The May issue of Significance has been released and is available to read online. Next month’s magazine has a special focus on communicating statistics, with input from three expert stats communicators, as well as features on data science, the philosophy of statistics and the second part in the series on the R number.

May 2024 issue highlights:

The R number
The second in our six-part series by Gavin Freeguard on the evolution and usefulness of the pandemic’s famous epidemiological tool
What is data science? 
The burning question, inspected through a statistical lens
The thirteenth floor 
Buildings in New York City often don’t have a thirteenth floor – superstition, or something else?
Show and tell: stats communication special 
Hear from three skilled stats communicators about their workand how they get through to their audiences
The philosophy of statistics
Understanding the philosophical foundation of probability and statistics
Bad stats
A new regular series revisiting well-known statistical screw-ups
RSS members can access Significance through their membership portal, and print issues will be mailed to subscribers soon.
Significance is also online.
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