Out now: July issue of Significance

The July issue of Significance has been released and is available to read online. Next month’s issue focuses on the statistics behind some of the most exciting sports at this summer’s Paris Olympics, as as features on baby names and how the media represented the R number during Covid.
July issue highlights:
Athletes’ peaks and primes                                                                                                        
How performance data can reveal when a track and field star is most likely to grab gold
What makes a winning gymnastics team?                           
Statistical advice for Team USA on picking the perfect team for Paris
Swimming for victory                                                                    
Top-level science and coaching combine to reduce random error for Dutch swimmers
Women and endurance sports                                  
We explore the issues helping, and hindering, women in sports such as marathon-running
­Unveiling NBA eras with clustering
The R number and the media                                                    
The third in our six-part series by Gavin Freeguard on the evolution and usefulness of the pandemic’s famous epidemiological tool
Baby names                                                                                      
How pop music, movie stars and presidents influence American parents
Access the digital version of Significance through your membership portal. Print issues will be mailed to subscribers soon. Significance is also online at www.significancemagazine.com
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