New England Statistical Society seeking nominations for prestigious award

The New England Statistical Society (NESS) is seeking nominations for their prestigious award, the Chernoff Excellence in Statistics Award. The prize will be given to an individual who, in the tradition of Herman Chernoff's work, has made exceptional contributions to the theory, methodology or novel applications to statistics and/or data science.

NESS created the Chernoff Excellence in Statistics Award to commemorate Herman Chernoff's outstanding, long-term contributions to the field of statistics. These contributions include work on large sample theory, experimental design, sequential analysis, methods of presenting statistical data in visual form and statistical decision making. The 2023 award recipient was Professor Nan Laird, Harvard University.

One recipient per year is awarded the prize at the New England Statistics Symposium, with travel expenses covered plus a minimum $500 honorarium. To nominate, email with a completed one-page nomination form and the candidate's CV. Nominations for the award are to be submitted by 15 January 2024.

Nominees who do not win are carried forward for future consideration and are allowed to update their submission for future years.

Learn more about the Chernoff Excellence in Statistics Award.

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