10 FAQs about Covid-19 statistics answered

Members of our Covid-19 Task Force have been working hard to answer common questions around the numbers that are often used to discuss the pandemic.

All of the questions (and answers) can be found on our rss.org.uk/covid-19-faqs page.

Alternatively, you can click on each question individually to be taken to the relevant answer.

  1. What is R, and how is it determined?
  2. How can I find my personalised risk?
  3. What can we tell from international comparisons?
  4. How many people have died because of Covid-19?
  5. Where can I find raw data on Covid-19?
  6. How is data used to decide which tier I am in?
  7. What does ‘90% effective’ vaccine mean?
  8. Are people dying ‘with’ Covid or ‘from’ Covid?
  9. How many people who have died due to Covid-19 would have died soon anyway?
  10. How will the risks in future compare with the risks in the peak of the epidemic?
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