Webinar on how to enter our early-career writing award - report

To encourage early-career statisticians and data scientists to enter the 2021 Significance Writing Competition, the Young Statisticians Section organised a webinar with Brian Tarran (Significance editor), held on 15 April. Brian gave us an excellent talk, titled: 'Statistical Excellence Award for Early-Career Writing: The why, the what and the how'.

Here are my main takeaways:

Why should we enter?
Winners of this competition get their article published in Significance, giving them exposure to our international readership and coverage in mainstream science media. Winners will also have the chance to present at the RSS 2021 Conference in Manchester.

What is the competition?
The writing competition was first launched in 2011 and in 2017, it became part of the RSS Statistical Excellence Awards. To enter the competition, we ask you to write 1,500-2,500 words on any subject, as long as it involves data, statistics and statistical analysis!

How do we write an award winning article?
Most importantly: write about something you are passionate about! Previous winners have written about everything from the amount of rats in New York City, to the optimal number of wedding invites to send! Further tips and guidance for writing high quality articles are available online.

Good luck to everyone who is entering the competition. The deadline for entries is 31 May 2021. I’m looking forward to reading your articles!

Emily Granger, YSS chair

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