Young Statisticians

The Young Statisticians Section (YSS) is one of the newest sections of RSS. The YSS was created in 2008 with events launching in January 2009. The Section was created to unite young statisticians from all sectors, fields of research and areas of the UK, and to provide both a social and professional resource centre for the community of young statisticians. At the time of creation, no such resource was available for those entering a career in statistics, with previous groups being fragmented or focused on specific methodologies. The establishment of the committee aimed to ease the transitions encountered when advancing from a student to young statistician and subsequently to an experienced statistician within RSS.

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The aims and objectives of the section are:
  • Arrange a diverse programme of accessible events, both face-to-face and online, which encourage networking and the engagement of young statisticians, data scientists and those interested in statistics with the RSS community.
  • Work with the RSS to help promote events, professional development and training opportunities, and current RSS initiatives (such as AIMS), to the young statisticians community.
  • Maintain a strong link with RSS sections and local groups through the YSS Network, to allow for the organisation of joint events and webinars.
  • Keep young statisticians informed of RSS and YSS events, activities, and developments by utilising the YSS website, bulletin, social media, and mailing list.
  • Organise and deliver a diverse programme of events for the RSS annual conference designed to appeal to young statisticians and the wider RSS community.
  • Maintain close associations with the RSS Journalism Awards and Significance magazine, in order to organise an annual Young Statisticians Writing Competition.
  • Help coordinate explanatory meetings (DeMos) ahead of RSS Discussion Meetings in liaison with the RSS to facilitate the engagement of young statisticians.
  • Promote statistical activity in schools via the STEM Ambassador scheme in partnership with the RSS education committee.
  • Promote careers in statistics through the organisation of statistical careers events.

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