Significance December 2021 issue

The December 2021 issue of Significance is out now, and it features an assortment of statistical stories and data discussions to indulge in over the festive season.

First, the end of the year brings our History of the Data Economy series to a close, with a look at what the future has in store for data driven industries.

We also take a deep dive into 'risk know-how', a project to develop a framework for helping communities around the world understand and engage with information about risk.

In our Profiles section, friends and former colleagues reflect on the life and legacy of Chen Wen-chen, a promising young statistics professor who died in tragic and suspicious circumstances 40 years ago.

And in our Notebook section there is an overview of the work of Joshua Angrist and Guido Imbens, two of this year’s Nobel Prize winners, whose ideas have helped transform the study of key policy questions in areas including education, immigration and labour markets.

Also in the December issue:

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