RSS responds to plans for UK data protection regime

The RSS has responded to the government’s planned reforms to the UK’s data protection regime.

Rather than commenting on the plans as a whole, we have identified a number of areas where we have particular concerns and where we will focus in any discussions with government on this issue.

There are three main areas where our response focuses:

  • Proposals to clarify when researchers can access data
  • The importance of engaging the public on data protection
  • Trustworthiness and transparency in the development of artificial intelligence.

Our response argues that clarifications around research access to data should be delivered through improved guidance – rather than making unnecessary and potentially counterproductive statutory changes.

We suggest that a strategy for public engagement should be delivered alongside legislative changes to the data protection regime.

On the issue of artificial intelligence, we emphasise the importance of trust and transparency in the development of new technology and highlight ways in which the proposals to enable automated decision-making might impact statistics.

Read the full consultation response. (PDF)

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