RSS Honours Awards 2021 - photo gallery

Earlier in 2021 the RSS announced the recipients of our Honours - several medals and prizes to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of statistics. On the second day of our annual conference, RSS President, Professor Sylvia Richardson, formally presented those awards to the recipients.

The Guy Medal in Silver was awarded to Håvard Rue, in large part due to his work on the theory underpinning the INLA (integrated nested Laplace approximation) software. Unfortunately he was unable to accept in person so his testimonial was read out by Sylvia Richardson. 

The Guy Medal in Bronze was awarded to Pierre Jacob for his innovative and fundamental contributions to Bayesian and computational statistics.
Guy medal in bronze winner Pierre Jakob

The Wood Medal was awarded to Katie Harron in recognition of her outstanding methodological work on record linkage. 
Wood Medal winner Katie Harron

The Chambers Medal, which recognises outstanding service to the Society, was awarded to Sara Hilditch, who has been integral to our Sheffield local group is our Honorary Officer for membership, and has been a RSS Diversity Champion.
Chambers medallist Sara Hilditch

Bianca De Stavola is awarded the Bradford Hill Medal for the impact that her work has had on the analysis of longitudinal data sets in epidemiology, especially where missing data are a problem.Bradford Hill medallist 2021 Bianca De Stavola

The West Medal was awarded to Peter Goldblatt for his many contributions to the development and interpretation of official health and social statistics. Peter wasn’t present to accept his medal in person but was sent many congratulations.

Brian Francis is awarded the Howard Medal for his distinguished record of impactful statistics research, particularly in the area of criminology. He recorded an acceptance speech which was played to the audience.

The Greenfield Industrial Medal is awarded to Professor Philip Jonathan, for his innovations in modelling physical systems and use of extreme value theory in ocean engineering. Philip also sent an acceptance speech to be played at the ceremony.

The Barnett Award was made to Jonathan (Jonty) Rougier for his internationally recognised contributions in the field of environmental statistics, risk and uncertainty quantification.
Barnett Award winner 2021 Jonty Rougier

The RSS Research Prize for 2021 was awarded to Chengchun Shi, who sadly was not present to accept the award but his impressive contributions to the statistical analysis of complex data was noted.

And last but not least, the winner of the most recent (2020) Mardia interdisciplinary workshop prize was Dr Olaniyi Mathew Olayiwola, whose proposed workshops will help support the Covid-19 response in Nigeria.
Mardia Prize winner Olaniyi Mathew Olayiwola

Congratulations to all of the Honours recipients!

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