Conference 2021: Tidyverse workshop - report

'Data wrangling and visualisation using the tidyverse in R' was the title of a workshop led by Nathan Khadaroo-McCheyne and Ioana Macoveciuc, both from The University of Manchester, and Samuel Langton from The Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement. It proved to be a fantastic overview of the tidyverse library in R.

Iona introduced us to the collection of core tidyverse packages and how these facilitate writing a cleaner code, as well as visualising data efficiently. She shared some valuable resources such as books and cheat sheets that are freely available on the RStudio website. The speakers also familiarised us with a weekly community activity – “Tidy Tuesday” – where code can be found on GitHub and figures are often shared on twitter using the hashtag #TidyTuesday.

After Iona’s talk, we explored tidyverse code in a live demonstration, highlighting some vital do’s and don’t’s in R. The practical also focused on specific commands for data cleaning and visualisation, from which researchers using R will greatly benefit. Thanks to the facilitators for this engaging workshop!

Celina Gehringer

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