Journal special issue on teaching data science and statistics

Teaching Statistics, the journal of the Teaching Statistics Trust, has published a new special issue on teaching data science and statistics.

The special issue Teaching Data Science and Statistics: foundation and introductory is aimed at those actively involved in data education to school age students or to tertiary students at the introductory level. Its articles, several which are open access, span a diverse mix of topics including: data sourcing, wrangling, exploration, presentation, and interpretation in real case studies as well as papers discussing technology tools and their teaching for data science and statistics, including R in general, R Markdown, CODAP, Python, APIs, and others.

Edited by the journal’s editor-in-chief Helen MacGillivray along with Jim Ridgway and Rob Gould, the special issue reflects upon the change of the journal’s subtitle to include the teaching of data science as well as statistics.

The editors explain the goals of the special issue in the journal's preface.

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