Professional members to vote on new 'Data Analyst' member category

The following information is for RSS professional members only (CStat and GradStat members)

In September's Annual General Meeting (AGM) the RSS presented changes to its charter and bylaws, including the introduction of 'Data Analyst' as a new membership category. These were discussed and passed in a general vote by the members who attended the meeting.

However, we are still required to hold a vote with our professional membership. We have made some final edits to the charter and bylaws, mainly for clarification purposes, following some suggestions made after the AGM. 

These documents are now available for professional members to review, as follows:

Additional background information:

  • December 2020: An email is sent to all professional members detailing the proposed changes and timeline
  • January 15 2021: A meeting will be held with the changes being summarised by the RSS and VP for Professional Affairs. An invite for this event will be sent out in the new year
  • Following this meeting, details of the vote will be sent to all professional members
  • 29 January the vote closes
  • 1st week of February: an announcement regarding the outcome will be sent to the professional members.
If you have any queries regarding any of the above information, please contact us or ask questions at the meeting on 15 January.

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