Emerging Applications

The Emerging Applications Section (EAS) was formed at the beginning of 2017, to replace the General Applications Section (GAS). The remit of GAS, in practice, was to offer a forum at the RSS for statistical applications that did not fall into the remit of another of the other Sections. The role of EAS is to play a more active and forward-looking role in the Society’s strategic objective of greater understanding of an increasingly complex world. Specifically, the Section will provide a platform for topics that are of emerging importance in the discipline.

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The Emerging Applications Section (EAS) aims to undertake the following:

  • Promote cross-disciplinary applications of statistical techniques;
  • Facilitate wider adoption and understanding of methods by statistical users and practitioners;
  • Explore new and applied statistical methods and approaches across a diverse range of fields.
  • Consider the effects of a changing research landscape/culture on the discipline.

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