Advanced Data Science Professional

Created by the Alliance for Data Science Professionals, the Advanced Data Science
Professional is a new certificate providing formal recognition of a member’s qualifications, professional training and experience within the field of data science.

Assessed against industry-wide standards, set by the Alliance, RSS members are able to gain this new form of recognition by evidencing they meet particular areas of skills and knowledge, as well as their level of responsibility within data science. Whilst those awarded the certificate will not be required to pay any additional upgrade fees, there is a yearly charge of holding the certificate that will be added to your membership fee. This fee will be confirmed in September, following the AGM meeting.

How to become an Advanced Data Science Professional
You must be a member of the RSS.

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You are a current member of the society holding Fellowship status, with or without one of our three professional titles, have graduated with a level 6 or 7 degree (or equivalent) with sufficient statistical and data science knowledge and have at least five years’ work experience within a statistical role. You will be asked a series of competency-based questions as part of your application.

Here are some guidance documents that help explain what you need to know when considering to apply.

Read our Advanced Data Science Professional Certification Guidance and Process (PDF)

The RSS hope to be open for applications from mid-September.