Career stage

Our guide is aimed at people of all ages who are interested in a career in statistics. It will advise you on the most relevant courses for potential statisticians and the qualifications you should aim for. For those still at school, it will also show how to develop an interest in statistics and get a feel for the way statistics influence our lives.

School (11-16)- find out about what statisticians do, why statisticians love their jobs and why statistics is so important. Learn how you can get involved with statistics at school and which subjects can help you prepare for a career in statistics.

Further education (16-19)- thinking about studying statistics at university? Don’t know which course to choose from? We’ll show you which degree courses involve statistics, what you need to do to apply, what to expect and the many exciting job opportunities a degree in statistics allows.

University (19+) - you’re about to or have just graduated and now considering your options. This site will help you make informed decisions about what your options are for those considering a career in statistics.

A career change - this section will give you advice on how to make that change into a statistical job, what qualifications are necessary and how continuing professional development can help.