Interactive Dashboards & Web Apps using R & Shiny - Virtual Classroom

Date: Monday 01 July 2024, 9.30AM
Location: Online
CPD: 12.0 hours
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Level: Intermediate (I)

This virtual course will introduce how to create interactive dashboards and web applications using R and Shiny.

Please note: Bookings will close 4 working days before the course start date or when the course has reached its maximum capacity.


This course has the Society's Quality Mark so can be used as part of your application for professional membership including Data Analyst.
Level: Intermediate (I)

This course will introduce how to create interactive dashboards and web applications using R and Shiny. The first day will focus on the core components of a Shiny app; inputs, outputs and how to send data between the client and server. It will also cover how to design responsive webs applications that seamlessly work on mobile devices. By the end of the day you'll be able to design and deploy a Shiny app from your local machine to
The second day of the course will cover the following advanced topics:

  • Using reactive expressions to control when and where a Shiny app updates
  • Designing data-driven controls through the use of reactive expressions.
  • Embedding interactive charts/maps/tables using the following htmlwidget libraries; leaflet, highcharter and DT.
  • Allow users to download files/images from a Shiny app
  • Advice and guidance on structuring large/complex Shiny apps

Learning Outcomes

  • Confidently design user interfaces in Shiny with appropriately selected controls/inputs
  • Understand reactivity to effectively update outputs based on specific inputs
  • Design responsive Shiny apps that work on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Confidently embed htmlwidgets into Shiny apps and extract user interactions (click/touch)
  • Effectively structure your code in Shiny apps to simplify growing your app with additional content.

Topics Covered

R, Data Visualisation, Shiny, Data Presentation and Exploratory Data Analysis

Knowledge Assumed

Familiarity with the R language is required as a number of fairly complicated concepts will be introduced in this course:

  • Reactive expressions

  • Controlling how data moves between the client and server

  • Deploying Shiny apps to the web


Charlie Hadley

Charlie Hadley is currently a Research Technology Specialist at Oxford University specialising in data visualisation, as well as being a content creator for Her background is in biophysics and statistical computing, completing her MPhys at University of Leeds and a short research post at University of Birmingham on biomineralisation. 

Charlie was a senior technology consultant at Wolfram Research for 3 years working primarily on finance and HR projects, in addition to consulting for the Estonian project.

 At Oxford University, Charlie is helping to launch a data visualisation service for researchers. Initially this service exclusively provides Shiny consultative support, but further technologies will be added in the future as the team grows.




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