Fact checking masterclass with Full Fact - Virtual Classroom

Date: Wednesday 17 February 2021, 9.30AM - 5.00PM
Location: Online
CPD: 6.0 hours
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This one day virtual course is delivered in partnership with Full Fact. The course will cover the context, landscape and consequences of online mis/disinformation, along with how to fact check and verify information and then communicate the information effectively.

Course objectives and topics covered

1.       Context, landscape and consequences of online mis/disinformation
2.       How to fact check and verify
3.       Trust and how to communicate effectively

Learning outcomes 

The context, nature and consequences of misinformation
This is not a new phenomenon. This introduction will help you understand the different types of misinformation, the contexts that it thrives in and the harms that arise from it.

Critical thinking, trustworthiness and the perils of perception
You can’t actively check every single fact you hear or read, so how do you sniff out nonsense that needs debunking? We will teach ways of identifying misinformation, especially in statistical claims.

Source and data analysis
Beyond analysing and finding claims at face value, factchecking requires active research of claims and analysing sources. We will teach you some shortcuts that we have picked up in our ten years of fact checking.

Using the skills you will have already learned now is the time to put that into practice online.

You will learn to effectively communicate facts and information so that it resonates most with your audience.

Target audience

Statisticians, communications specialists, professionals who regularly use numbers and data, or tell stories using information. Anyone who is interested to learn more about how fact checking works!


Will Moy

CEO at Full Fact 

Joseph O'Leary

Special Projects Editor at Full Fact


Royal Statistical Society in partnership wtih Full Fact.





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