Validate AI Conference 2021

Date: Thursday 02 December 2021 1.00PM - Friday 03 December 2021 5.20PM
Location: Online
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The Validate AI conference returns for our second annual iteration, following the 2019 conference at the Royal Society in London.

Why should you consider attending the conference? If you’re a policy maker and AI practitioner in industry, academia and government this conference will help you to:

  • Obtain industry-leading technical tacit knowledge surrounding deployment and maintenance of AI systems.
  • Identify and adopt more robust validation processes as senior decision-makers and practitioners to help evidence the AI System can be trusted.
  • Develop networks across academia, government and industry to consider AI validation standards and frameworks.
  • Boost new areas of academic research in AI to explore more effective and reliable applied AI systems.

There’s no question that data and algorithms are now part of our everyday lives. Their use is well established across almost all areas of society from banking and taxation, to agriculture and healthcare. With the increasing adoption of AI systems in all aspects of our life, it has become critically important to be confident that they perform in a safe, reliable, timely, and trustworthy way. The Validate AI conference explores how such systems can depart from this ideal, examining tools and methods for ensuring sound and appropriate behaviour in a variety of different application domains.

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About the conference

We are delighted to confirm the Validate AI Conference will be held online on the afternoons of the 2nd/3rd Dec 2021 (1pm to 5:20pm GMT) to continue to address these vital issues of AI Validation in partnership with the OR Society alongside others.

The conference was inspired by discussions at the Royal Society on the development of data science skills and follows on from the successful inaugural Validate AI Conference in 2019 with leading speakers in the field from organisations such as The Alan Turing Institution, Oxford University, Google Deepmind and the Office for National Statistics.

The 2021 conference will focus on issues of regulation, standards and frameworks in AI to validate AI. We will highlight the importance of robust AI assurance systems and the role of checklists to Validate AI giving examples of where such an approach has had transformational success.

Since early 2021, the Covid-19 crisis has been a particular challenge for many sectors, requiring a review of existing AI/ML systems. We will address this important topic of population drift and how organisations have attempted to resolve the related complex issues.

We are pleased to have experts from a variety of different sectors, along with experts in the field of AI. The purpose of this diverse representation is to foster cross-sectorial learning and encourage subsequent collaboration between private, public (including charitable sectors) and academic sectors.