Queer Data: Who Counts?

Date: Tuesday 18 June 2024, 5.00PM
Common Room LT911 & Lecture theatre LT908, Livingstone Tower, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow or online at the Celebrating Diversity SIG YouTube Channel -
Local Group Meeting

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This is a joint event organised by the Glasgow Local Group and the Celebrating Diversity Special Interest Group. 

5.00 - 5.15: Welcome
5.15 - 6.15: Talk and questions 
6.15 - 7.00: Networking reception with drinks

No registration is required for online attendees, though please register if you wish to attend in person so we can estimate numbers for the drinks reception.

Many of the data systems we encounter in everyday life – from employer’s diversity monitoring forms to recommended content on Netflix – have adapted to welcome some LGBTQ individuals. But with this turn to recognition, who is included and who is left behind?

Researcher and writer Kevin Guyan joins us to share ideas from his book Queer Data: Using Gender, Sex and Sexuality Data for Action (Bloomsbury Academic). This groundbreaking book looks at queer data – defined as data relating to gender, sex, sexual orientation and trans identity/history – and argues that current data practices reflect an incomplete account of LGBTQ lives.

Data has never mattered more. Our lives are increasingly shaped by it and how it is defined, collected and used. But who counts in the collection, analysis and application of data? 


Dr Kevin Guyan (he/him) is the author of Queer Data: Using Gender, Sex and Sexuality Data for Action (Bloomsbury, 2022) and a Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Edinburgh Business School. He is currently writing his second book, which explores queer encounters with different classification systems in the UK, from hate crime reporting to dating apps.

Dr Kevin Guyan