The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) and the Royal Statistical Society.

Date: Wednesday 06 December 2023, 12.45PM
Location: Online
Section Group Meeting

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The Society hope that this talk will inspire more of you to offer to share your expertise with African students.
The event will be preceded at 1245 by the IDS AGM, so please log in early to find out what we did this year and what our plans are for 2024.
This event showcases the relationship between AIMS and the RSS, It will comprise a number of short presentations from Cameroon and the UK, with time for questions afterwards. 

Introduction to Event:  Professor Tony Lawrance (Lead of RSS AIMS support Group)

Introduction to AIMS and its Programs (Prof Mama Foupouagmgni, AIMS Board member, President AIMS Cameroon) and/or Dr Daniel Tcheutia (Director AIMS Cameroon)

Teaching at AIMS (Prof Jane Hutton, University of Warwick)

Two Current Students at AIMS Cameroon, arranged and introduced by Dr Daniel Tcheutia

Experiences as an AIMS tutor, Dr Dario Domingo (recent part-year Tutor at Cameroon)

Experiences as an AIMS tutor, Dr Jo Pemberton (recent part-year Tutor at Cameroon)


Phil Crook & Tony Lawrance for RSS International Development Section (IDS)