Online only: Covid-19 evidence session: Evidence and policy-making

Online only: Covid-19 evidence session: Evidence and policy-making

Date: Tuesday 21 June 2022, 4.00PM
Location: Online
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The third of our Covid evidence sessions for fellows and other statisticians, to garner opinions on government's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.  This session will be looking at evidence and policy-making.

This is an online only event.

The questions being investigated are:
1.What is the value of statistical thinking in a national emergency? Are there both positive and negative examples from the pandemic of times when a statistical perspective improved or could have improved evidence?
2.How can statistical modelling be used in epidemics? How should such modelling be best communicated to policy-makers?
3.How should statisticians be involved as experts when there is an emergency? How should statisticians prepare and train for this situation?
4.How can statisticians give balanced advice to policy makers and be trusted as an intermediary?
5.How did global data feed into the UK's decision-making process? What lessons should we learn on international data sharing going forward?  
  • Nick Jewell - Chair of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, LSHTM and Professor of Biostatistics and Statistics at the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley
  • Emma Rourke - Director of Health Analysis and Pandemic Insight at ONS
  • Graham Medley - Professor of Infectious Disease Modelling, LSHTM
  • Sarah Walker – Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, Nuffield Department of Medicine
Sylvia Richardson, John Aston and Daniela De Angelis on behalf of RSS Covid-19 task force.