Everything you ever wanted to know about modelling at the National Audit Office but were too afraid to ask

Date: Monday 17 January 2022, 2.00PM
Location: Online
Online Zoom event - details to follow
Local Group Meeting

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The RSS North Eastern local group welcomes Laura Cole, Head of Modelling at UK National Audit Office. 
The National Audit Office (NAO) is responsible for auditing £1.7tr of government spending; we audit the financial statement of all central government departments, agencies and other public bodies and report the results to parliament. We are also responsible for assessing the value that this spending achieves. Using our special access rights to request almost any data from government, we produce a range of outputs, across a vast range of topics. One of these outputs is auditing financial models that underpin government spending.
In this talk I will;
Explain how numerical modellers support the NAO’s business critical outputs;
Present a case study of how we estimate the value of DfE’s Student Loans book;
Demonstrate what a typical model assurance product looks like, including how we test model sensitivities and assumptions.
Laura Cole
Head of Modelling at UK National Audit Office
Aamir Khan for RSS North Eastern Local Group