Ebb and flow: Spatio-temporal modelling and anomaly detection in river networks

Date: Wednesday 09 February 2022, 9.00AM - 10.00AM
Location: Online
Delivered via Zoom
Local Group Meeting
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RSS Glasgow are delighted to host Kerrie Mengersen and Edgar Santos-Fernandez (Queensland University of Technology) to give a seminar on spatio-temporal modelling and anomaly detection in river networks.

This event is jointly hosted by the RSS Environmental Statistics Section. 

Rivers and streams are among the most endangered ecosystems on Earth, with rapid population declines due to habitat degradation and water pollution. The recent proliferation of the use of in-situ sensors in streams and rivers supports space-time water quality modelling and monitoring in near real-time. In this presentation, we introduce a new family of spatio-temporal models for river networks, in which spatial dependence is established based on stream distance and flow connectivity, and temporal autocorrelation is incorporated using vector autoregression approaches. A framework for anomaly detection is also developed using these spatio-temporal models. The approaches are illustrated using two case studies:  water temperature data in the northwestern United States and new sensor data in streams in Queensland Australia.

Kerrie Mengersen & Edgar Santos-Fernandez (Queensland University of Technology)
Kate Pyper for RSS Glasgow Local Group
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