Bayesian inference for a discretely observed stochastic kinetic model - the inaugural Richard James Boys talk

Date: Monday 20 June 2022, 4.15PM
Location: Catalyst, Newcastle Helix
Ted Lecture theatre, Catalyst, Newcastle Helix, Newcastle, NE4 5TG
Local Group Meeting

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The Richard Boys lecture recognises outstanding research contributions in applied, methodological and computational aspects of Bayesian statistics.  Named after Richard James Boys (1960-2019), this annual lecture celebrates Richard’s major contribution to the statistical community in the North East.
This talk is part of a larger workshop hosted by Newcastle University on the 20th June 2022 to celebrate the life and work of Professor Richard Boys, who was a huge presence within the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics until his untimely death in March 2019. More details can be found here
Prof Darren Wilkinson,
Professor of Statistics at Durham University
North Eastern Local Group of the Royal Statistical Society