RSS 2022 Conference On Demand

Date: Friday 16 September 2022, 12.00AM
Location: On Demand
RSS Event

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Get access to over 30 hours of session recordings from the RSS 2022 International Conference.

Recorded content will be available to watch for up to 30 days following the conference.
The following sessions are expected to be available to view:

Keynote sessions:
  • A celebration of the life and work of Sir David Cox: Nanny Wermuth, Nancy Reid and Ruth Keogh
  • Campion (President's Invited) Lecture: Adrian Raftery - Bayesian Demography and Climate Change Assessment
  • Significance Lecture: Jeni Tennison
  • Kendall Lecture: Ewain Gwynne
  • Discussion Meeting: Statistical aspects related to climate change analysis
  • Simon Wood - What just happened? Risk, Covid, lockdowns and semi-parametric methods
  • Barnett Lecture: Ruth King

Invited Topic sessions:
  • Papers from the RSS Journals: 50 years of Cox regression
  • RSS Statistical Ambassadors Showcase
  • Model selection and discrimination for environmental and spatial applications
  • Recent methodological advances for analysing complex high-dimensional data
  • The future of applied statisticians working in fields related to medicine, health and social care
  • Share your stats with R & Python
  • Are we talking the same language? Building collaborations between statisticians and scientists
  • Beyond Surveys: understanding data quality in alternative data sources (parts 1 & 2)
  • Statistical excellence in early career writing award
  • Statistics of strange species
  • What should the future look like for the UK's data research infrastructure?
  • Misuse of official statistics: what does it mean to be 'misleading'?
  • Exploring Explainable AI in the financial sector from a statistical perspective
  • From Ivory Towers to Industry: Novel Applications of Statistics in Business
  • COP26 and beyond: data for decision-making and for public understanding of climate change
  • Mental Health Statistics: pandemic, data and improving evidence
Professional Development workshops:
  • Statisticians for Society - supporting the charity sector
  • R you ready for Python? (parts 1 & 2)
  • Don't Panic! The Ambassadors guide to communicating statistics
Concessionary RSS Fellows: £20
Professional Qualified RSS Fellows: £35
RSS Fellows: £40
Non-Fellows: £60