ONS-UNECE Machine Learning Group 2021 Webinar

Date: Friday 19 November 2021, 12.00PM
Location: Online
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As machine learning revolutionises the work of national statistical organisations (NSOs) the Machine Learning Group 2021 webinar will offer expert insight and new research into how machine learning can be deployed in NSOs. 

The provisional programme includes:
  • Presentations from ML Group members:
    • The Utilisation of Satellite Imagery Analysis for Poverty Mapping in Indonesia – Arie Wahyu (Statistics Indonesia)
    • Exploring Model-Assisted Machine Learning Estimates of Consumer Expenditures – Clayton Knappenberger (US Census Bureau)
    • Ethical consideration in the Use of Machine Learning for Research and Statistics – Alice Toms (UK Statistics Authority)
    • Holistic Approaches to Evaluating a Machine Learning Model: A case study for automated coding – Presented by Jose Jiminez (INEGI, Mexico)
  • Q&A sessions
  • Panel Discussion with Data Science Division Leads on the Strategic Priorities and the Future Direction of Machine Learning and the Group’s Plans for 2022
To register please book via the Eventbrite page.  Registration closes on Wednesday 17 November.
UK Office for National Statistics Data Science Campus and UNECE HLG-MOS