Tranquillity perception prediction using statistics

Date: Tuesday 19 October 2021, 6.30PM
Location: Online
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Planners and public bodies have to make significant decisions on projects and developments every day. They need to balance the often-competing needs of people, transport and industry, with the need to maintain quieter outdoor spaces.  As cities and countryside become more densely populated, identifying and protecting the tranquillity of outdoor places has become increasingly important.  Not just for its own sake, but for the crucial role tranquil places outdoors have in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing for the people seeking them out.  Since 2012 Planning Policy for England has required local planning policies and planning decisions to identify and protect tranquil spaces.

However this guidance didn’t state how to assess existing or likely levels of tranquillity and this led to inconsistency and confusion for many of the stakeholders involved in planning developments and related decision-making around the UK.  To address this, Clive Bentley developed an evidence based method to reliably measure and assess the tranquillity of an outdoor place.  A Natural Tranquillity assessment starts with information gathering and extensive field survey work. The results are provided in high resolution tranquillity contour maps and a comprehensive tranquillity assessment report.  Both can be used to inform planning and development applications and decision-making for further or re-development of an existing outdoor place. They can also be used to understand how a proposed development may affect the existing tranquillity of an outdoor location.

The Natural Tranquillity Method has extensive statistical underpinnings.
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Clive Bentley, Acoustic Consultant, Sharps Acoustics, LLP.

Clive is an environmental noise specialist. He regularly advises on planning, licensing, noise nuisance, a range of commercial and industrial uses, rifle and shotgun noise, and a nuclear power station.  Clive has extensive expert witness experience (at planning appeals, licensing hearings and other court work). He routinely writes technical noise assessment reports and noise and vibration chapters for Environmental Statements.  His work won the NAS Award for Innovation in Noise Control in 2009 and he has presented at and chaired conferences for Environmental Protection UK, the Institute of Acoustics and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.  Clive is a Chartered Environmentalist, Chartered Scientist and a qualified Environmental Health Practitioner.  He is the author of Tranquil Spaces: Measuring the tranquillity of public spaces and inventor of the Natural Tranquillity Method for measuring and assessing the acoustic tranquillity of outdoor spaces.
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