RSS Northern Ireland - Use of data by NISRA

Date: Wednesday 31 March 2021, 2.00PM - 4.00PM
Location: Online
Online using Teams Software - a link will be sent to those registered
Local Group Meeting
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This is a double-barrelled session with 2 talks by Northern Ireland Statistical Research Agency (NISRA) staff on the use of data.

The first talk is
Providing timely evidence of Covid-19 related deaths in Northern Ireland
by Dr Jos IJpelaar, NISRA.

and the second talk is
NISRA’s joined-up approach to administrative data research
by Deborah Lyness & John Hughes, NISRA.

The meeting will last until 16:00 at the latest and includes a short break between talks
.Abstracts for Talks

Providing timely evidence of Covid-19 related deaths in Northern Ireland 
( Dr Jos IJpelaar)

NISRA, which publishes official statistics on deaths registered in Northern Ireland, came under increased pressure to provide timely and detailed reporting on Covid-19 related deaths. Its Administrative Research Unit (ARU) supported their role through the analyses of this aspect of the pandemic and the publication of several reports. The analyses included age-standardised rates of COVID-19 related deaths and excess mortality (deaths above expected levels). Both measures of the Covid-19 impact were broken down by age, sex and different geographical areas including Local Government Districts, area deprivation and urban/rural residence. ARU also published a report on pre-existing conditions of Covid-19 related deaths, that is, any mention on the death certificate of a condition that pre-dated or was independent of Covid-19. This presentation will provide an overview of the findings and future plans for analysis of Covid-19 related deaths.

14:45 - Coffee Break  (shorter if required)

15:00 Talk 2  ( 40 mins + 5 for questions)

NISRA’s joined-up approach to administrative data research’ (Deborah Lyness & John Hughes)
Undertaking research using linked administrative datasets has great potential to inform evidence based policy in Northern Ireland. This talk will provide a summary of the range of administrative datasets available to researchers based in NISRA’s Administrative Research Unit (ARU).  Research findings using a linked research dataset, the Northern Ireland Mortality Study (NIMS) will be presented. This research assessed how socio-demographic, health and area factors were associated with alcohol and drug deaths in Northern Ireland. Current research plans using data linkage infrastructure, anchored to the Northern Ireland Programme for Government, will also be highlighted. 
Dr Jos IJpelaar, Deborah Lyness & John Hughes
Gilbert MacKenzie and Felicity Lamrock for RSS Northern Ireland Local Group
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