RSS Nigeria: Python programming and its relation to data science

Date: Wednesday 15 December 2021, 10.00AM
Location: UNAAB, Ogun State, Nigeria
250 Computer Laboratory - Needs Assessment, UNAAB, Ogun State, Nigeria
Local Group Meeting

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The RSS Nigeria Local Group is hosting an in-person workshop on getting started with Python. In the workshop, participants will learn how to use Python for developing websites and software, task automation, data analysis, and data visualization. There are limited spaces for the workshop and it will be preceded by the annual general meeting of the Nigeria local group. 

See details below for the event:

The Royal Statistical Society's membership types, joining procedures and benefits
Dr. O. A. Wale-Orojo, Department of Statistics, College of Physical Sciences, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.

Python programming and its relation to data science
Mr. Afolabi F.O.S, (P.R.O./H.R.M. Emmakulate Systems Solutions, Ibadan, Nigeria)

This event is fully booked and we are unable to take further reservations
Organiser names:  Dr Olaniyi. M Olayiwola and Olawumi Olatunde
Email address:
Organising group: RSS Nigeria Local group