Reliability Disasters: What Have We Learned?

Date: Thursday 08 April 2021, 5.30PM
Location: Online
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There are many well-known and well-documented examples of reliability disasters including the “unsinkable” RMS Titanic (1912), the Bhopal gas tragedy (1984), Chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion (1986), and the Challenger space shuttle failure (1986). Generally such disasters can be viewed as engineering failures. Many reliability disasters, however, could have been avoided by collecting appropriate data or properly analyzing and interpreting data that had been collected. In this talk I will describe five such reliability disasters and explain how proper use of statistical methods could have been used to avert the disaster. 

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Prof. William Q. Meeker, Department of Statistics Center for Nondestructive Evaluation, Iowa State University
RSS West Midlands Local Group

Chair: Tim Davis
Secretary: Kristian Romano