President sought for the Academy for the Mathematical Sciences

The Academy for the Mathematical Sciences (AcadMathSci) has announced its search for a founding president.  

A key recommendation of the 2018 Bond Review The Era of Mathematics was the creation of a national academy focused on the mathematical sciences. This was to provide a single institution to act as a focal point for the community with the mission of ensuring that mathematical science delivers on its full potential to enrich our world. Over the last eighteen months a team of over 80 people (mostly volunteers) has been working to put the structures in place to establish this key piece of national infrastructure. 

AcadMathSci is now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, whose mission is to benefit society through the power of the mathematical sciences.  

The Academy is now seeking its first President, to lead the organisation through the exciting process of launch and growth from a fledgling organisation to a fully functioning academy, delivering on its mission. 

Further details and how to apply 

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