Python programming workshop - report

A one-day workshop on Python programming in relation to data science was held on 15 December 2021 at 250 Computer Laboratory, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Python is commonly used for developing websites and software, task automation, data analysis, and data visualisation. It has been adopted by many non-programmers, such as accountants and scientists, for a variety of everyday tasks such as organising finances. Many of these stakeholders are important data users, but lack adequate knowledge of Python programming.

The objective of the workshop was to invite representatives from universities, colleges, the Bureau of Statistics, the Ministry of finance, the Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology and research institutes to a roundtable discussion to share experiences on how to develop websites and software, task automation, data analysis, and data visualisation using Python programming.

Discussions and training activities
Two speakers were invited: Dr OA Wale-Orojo (Department of Statistics, College of Physical Sciences, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria) and Solomon Afolabi (Emmakulate System Solutions, Ibadan, Nigeria). Dr Wale-Orojo discussed RSS memberships, procedures and benefits. Solomon extensively discussed the use of Python programming for developing websites and software, task automation, data analysis and data visualisation.

Recommendations based on the evaluation of the workshop
It was suggested by the participants that the RSS Nigeria local group be embarked on this kind of workshop to  enhance people productivity in their various places of work.There was a suggestion to spread the workshop to the northern and eastern parts of Nigeria.

One hundred and twenty one people registered for the workshop, but 70 from various departments and ministries were invited.


The workshop had served as an eye-opener to Nigerian statisticians and data users based on the knowledge gained during the workshop. The organisers thanked the RSS for the funds provided for the workshop and the management of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.

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