New RSS group to focus on statistical engineering

The RSS has launched a new special interest group (SIG) for members to explore how relevant engineering challenges could benefit from statistical contributions.
The Statistical Engineering Special Interest Group will provide a forum for those working and with an interest in engineering to gain knowledge of current issues and statistical practices in the sector. Working with professional engineers and engineering institutions in the UK and abroad, the group will look to organise events and workshops on relevant topics.
The SIG will offer a great opportunity to foster professional collaborations between the statistical and engineering professions. It will aim to position statistical science as a crucial component to the engineering profession as it has been and is to medicine and agriculture.

Tim Davis, chair of the SIG, said: ‘We hope that this SIG will provide a collaborative forum for statisticians working with engineers on tackling modern engineering problems. And we hope to be able to engage the engineering institutions in this endeavour.’
If you would like to be kept up to date on the latest events and activities of the SIG, please join their mailing list via their dedicated page. If you want to suggest issues and topics they should explore through their events and activities, please email
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