RSS Quality Improvement Section seeks new committee members

The Quality Improvement Section of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) is seeking enthusiastic individuals to volunteer and join the Committee for 2022. The Quality Improvement Section aims to promote, support, and advance the effective use of statistical methods for improving the quality of products, outcomes, services, and organisational performance.
The committee is a mixture of academic, business and industry statisticians. We organise 2-4 public events a year and contribute to sessions at the RSS annual conference. We also have a keen interest in public engagement and contribute to the RSS newsletters and outreach.
Being a member of the committee is a commitment and can be a very rewarding experience. It is also an opportunity to actively engage with others who are interested by and appreciate the importance of statistics.  We are particularly looking for people who are keen to contribute new ideas to the committee’s activities, as well as actively help organise events.  We are keen to have volunteers who, after settling in, may be interested in additional officer roles, such as chair, vice-chair, secretary, or meetings secretary, or who would be happy to represent us at RSS Discussion or Publication Network meetings.  We hold around four committee meetings per year, which can be attended in person at Errol Street, London (and travel expenses paid), or remotely by teleconference.  A lot of our core business is communicated over email.
If you would like to be considered for one of the committee positions, simply send an email (subject line “Quality Improvement Section Committee 2022”) to  by 6pm on Friday 12 November 2021, with a paragraph (up to 250 words) summarising your background, why you would like to join and what you would like to contribute to the committee.
The RSS is committed to ensuring an inclusive and welcoming environment for all who care about good data and statistics.  Please note that to take up a position you will need to be a Fellow of the RSS.
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