JSM 2022 Call for session proposals

The 2022 Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) will take place in Washington, DC from August 6–11 2022.  The theme for JSM 2022 is 'Statistics: A Foundation for Innovation'.

The JSM organisers are currently encouraging proposals for invited sessions on topics of your choice to be submitted.  As a partner society the Royal Statistical Society can act as sponsor for session proposals.
Formats vary for invited sessions; however, all are 110 minutes in length and have a session chair. The sessions typically include 2–6 participants, including the chair, with two of the most popular and successful formats being 2–3 speakers with a discussant or a panel discussion of 3–5 panelists.

Session proposals can be submitted online at ww2.amstat.org/jsminvited. The submission site will be open until Wednesday 8 September 2021 for session proposals.

Questions about submitting a proposal can be directed to Naomi Friedman at naomi@amstat.org.

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