Call for editors for RSS Journals Series A, B and C

Three journal editors for Series A, Series B and Series C will be finishing their terms of office at the end of 2022.
Nominations for their successors are encouraged and welcomed from members of the Society.

Although the editors’ work is mainly concerned with the assessment of manuscripts for publication in the journal in collaboration with their editorial panels, joint editors of the journal series are also involved in the ongoing formulation and review of policy with the publishers (Wiley) and the Publications Network of Advisors.

The editorships of the Society’s journals are important and prestigious positions but they are also demanding and time consuming. The people who undertake them perform an invaluable service for the Society.

The normal term of office for the editors of Series A and Series C is four years; there are three editors of Series B, who each serve a three year term.

Read more about the journals in the following links:

Suggestions for successors to the current editors will be considered by search committees comprising:

  • Bianca De Stavola (Chair and continuing Joint Editor), James Carpenter, Jane Hutton, Paul Smith, Guy Nason, for Series A
  • Steffen Lauritzen (Chair and continuing Joint Editor), Maria De Iorio, Alastair Young, Ingrid Van Keilegom, for Series B
  • Janine Illian (Chair and continuing Joint Editor), Nigel Stallard, Richard Chandler, Kevin McConway, for Series C.

They should be addressed to the chair of the appropriate search committee, care of the journals manager, Judith Shorten, at the Society’s address or by email to to arrive by 31 January 2022.
Any queries in connection with the editorship should be directed to Judith.


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