Nigeria local group: Training workshop on census activities

A day workshop on census activities was held on 27 November 2019 at the Department of Statistics postgraduate boardroom, University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.


A Census relies on a large, diverse group of stakeholders to fulfill its mission of informing citizens, businesses and governments about the socio-economic conditions. Many of these stakeholders are important census data users, but lack adequate knowledge of roles of qualified statisticians in all aspect of census. The involvement of qualified statisticians in all aspects of the census is crucial to ensuring a successful census that meets the data needs of all.


The objective of the workshop was to invite representatives from all census stakeholders to a roundtable discussion to share experiences in the previous population and housing census and see how some of their challenges could be resolved by statisticians. The term 'stakeholders' is used to describe those who are involved in the conduct of the census, especially current or potential users of census data. They include federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments; private-sector companies; academic teachers and researchers; libraries; non-governmental organisations; media and the general public.

Discussions and training activities

Two speakers were invited: Professor GN Amahia from Department of Statistics, University of Ibadan and Dr Tayo Oyetunji (Honourable Federal Commissioner) from National Population Commission inIbadan. Prof Amahia discussed extensively on training of census staff, census questionnaires, census data processing and  dissemination of census information while Dr Tayo Oyetunji discussed past censuses in Nigeria, Challenges and solution in line with recent technology. There was a section for questions, answers and discussion. During this period, collaboration was established with National population Commission to look into efficient way for census activities, birth and death registration.

Recommendations based on the evaluation of the workshop

It was suggested that this kind of workshop be organised mainly for the Honourable Federal Commissioner (NPC), NSA representative, PSSN representative and RSS-NLG representative to discuss the collaboration procedure.

During the registration, 315 people subscribed, but 80 participants were invited. There was a suggestion to spread such workshop to Northern and Eastern part of Nigeria.

Follow-up action plan 

There are plans to contribute further to the workshop objectives by organising a stakeholders meeting to establish networking and collaboration.


The workshop had served as an eye opener to Nigerian statisticians and it has created template for collaboration.

The organisers thanked the RSS for funding provided for the workshop and acknowledged the Department of Statistics, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, NSA and PSSN for their collaboration and finance in organising the workshop.

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