Leeds-Bradford local group meeting: Empirically optimising complex interventions

In a change to our usual habits, on 4 December, the Leeds-Bradford local group hosted a lunchtime session in collaboration with the University of Leeds Clinical Trials Research Unit. Our honoured speaker was Rebecca Walwyn, acting associate professor of clinical trials methodology. Rebecca is interested in maximising the efficiency of, and information obtained from, clinical trials of complex interventions. Extra chairs were brought in to fill an increasingly packed room just minutes before her talk entitled 'Empirically optimising complex interventions: factorial experimental design'.

Rebecca’s approach considers trial design as the best port of call for handling complex interventions, rather than relying on convoluted post-trial analysis methods. She spoke about https://medicinehealth.leeds.ac.uk/medicine/staff/860/dr-rebecca-walwyn

Abstracts of the speakers talks and their slides are available at the Leeds-Bradford local group’s website, along with all our other RSS YouTube channel in the Leeds-Bradford playlist.


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