'I’m a Mathematician, Stay at home' seeks participants

I’m a Mathematician, Stay at home is an online STEM engagement activity for school students to engage with mathematicians, teachers and each other. It provides a safe, moderated space for students to be inspired by maths and STEM.


It allows students to:

  • Chat with mathematicians across the UK, and with each other and their teachers, in 40-minute text-based chat sessions
  • Ask questions to mathematicians about anything they like, whether that’s discovering a career path they’d never thought of or finding out what mathematicians are really interested in
  • Vote for their favourite mathematician each week.

Questions are moderated and each school’s live chat is completely private; only students who’ve been given access by their teacher can log in to the Zone, along with the mathematicians and moderators.

Mathematicians are invited to take part in I’m a Mathematician, Stay at home. There’s no need to prepare activities or leave your house, just fill in a profile page, answer questions and use the text based chat system with school students. Everything happens online; you take part from your desk or smartphone.

Teachers and mathematicians can take part at: https://imamathematician.uk/stayathome/rss-signup/

The activity runs to 17 July.

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