2020 annual general meeting of Environmental Statistics Section

The annual general meeting of the Environmental Statistics Section of the Royal Statistical Society will be held online on Microsoft Teams on Friday 13 November at 10am. If you are a fellow of the RSS and wish to attend this meeting, please contact Phil Sansom.
In accordance with the regulations of Sections, the following candidates are nominated by the section committee as members for the 2021 session:
Chair: Eleni Matechou
Vice chair: vacant
Secretary: Philip Sansom
Meetings secretary: Ben Swallow
Nicole Augustin
Daniela Castro-Camilo*
Emily Dennis
Adam Griffin
Claudia Neves
Gail Robertson
Gordon Ross
Theresa Smith
Adam Sykulski*
Jennifer Israelsson* (co-opted)
*indicates new member
Any vacant role will be filled at the AGM.
Unless alternative nominations are received by Amaka Nwagbara before 28 October, these persons will be declared elected at the annual general meeting.
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