Leeds-Bradford local group meeting: Applications of AI

On Wednesday 2 October, the Leeds-Bradford local group hosted two speakers from the School of Computing at the University of Leeds to discuss applications of artificial intelligence. The first speaker was Eric Atwell, professor of artificial intelligence for language, who spoke about 'How to represent the meaning of an English word as a vector of numbers: distributional lexical semantics and word embeddings'. In this talk, Eric gave a flavour of some of the statistical theory behind modern text analytics algorithms and introduced some ways to convert the meaning of an English word or text into a vector of numbers. Further details about Eric can be found at engineering.leeds.ac.uk/staff/33/dr_eric_atwell.

The second speaker was Dr Nishant Ravikumar, from the Centre for Computational Imaging & Simulation Technologies in Medicine, who spoke about 'Quantitative cardiac magnetic resonance imaging using machine learning'. In this talk, Nishant gave an overview of some of the past and present work underway at his centre. He paid particular attention to the design of automated systems for extracting cardiac functional indices from magnetic resonance images. Further details about Nishant can be found at cistib.org/index.php/people/research-fellows/nishant-ravikumar.

Abstracts of the speakers talks and their slides are available at the Leeds-Bradford local group’s website, along with all the other local group’s talks for the’19/’20 season: sites.google.com/site/rssleedsbradford/home/2019---2020-session.

Watch the meeting on the RSS YouTube channel.


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