Nominations sought for RSS President for 2021/22

The cycle of RSS activity means we now need to start thinking about the appointment of the Society's next President, who would take office after Deborah Ashby’s term ends on 31 December 2020. In February 2019, the President Nominating Committee (PNC) is set to meet to consider names and to make a nomination, which will then be considered by Council in Spring 2019.

The PNC draws members from Council, the Professional Affairs Committee, advisory groups, sections and local groups. However, of course it is not possible for the PNC to identify all those fellows worthy of consideration for President without the active co-operation of the fellowship.

To this end, we are calling on all fellows of the Society to take a few moments to consider who you believe might make a good successor to Deborah Ashby. Please then think about how these individuals fulfil the criteria listed below and why their appointment would be beneficial.

If possible, obtain a CV (surreptitiously of course – all suggestions for nominations must be made discreetly!) or give an outline of their career. Please send this information to the executive director Hetan Shah (h.shah[at] no later than 13 January 2019.

Council has laid down the following criteria to be taken into account when a President is being elected:

  1. The President should be credible within and beyond the Society.
  2. The President should be able to fulfil the various roles of President:
    (a) to represent the Society and the discipline;
    (b) to oversee the Society and its running;
    (c) to initiate his/her own policy projects or directions.
  3. The President should have a prior track record of service to the Society.
  4. The President should have expertise in an area which reflects the current concerns of the Society or of the discipline.
  5. Over a period of time, the Presidents should be drawn in a balanced way from across the various areas of interest of the Society.

The President Nominating Committee has previously noted that certain social groups and statistical specialisms have been under-represented in the nominations. They would therefore particularly encourage nominations which reflect the full diversity of the Society in relation to gender, race, statistical specialisms and sectors of work (including business and industry).

The President plays an essential role in leading and guiding the Society during his/her term of office. It is therefore crucial to the Society’s wellbeing that the right nominations are made.

We ask all fellows to start your thinking now and we very much look forward to receiving all of your suggestions. 

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